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Bread Subscriptions

Baker's Choice

Enjoy a weekly selection of artisan style loaves from the entire list of already available items, or newly added recipes!

Rye Breads

Enjoy a weekly selection of rye based breads, such as Turkish Rye, Russian Rye, Country Brown, Three Seed Rye, Pumpernickel, or Harvest Loaf. Pick one or two loaves per week.

Sandwich Breads

Each delivery contains bread selected by the baker from the following:

Norwich Sourdough, Country Blonde, Country Brown, Italian Sandwich (Semolina) Loaf, Three Seed Loaf (Dreikornbrot)

Seeded Breads

Enjoy a weekly delivery of bread selected by the baker from the following:

Turkish Rye, Three Seed Rye (Dreikornbrot), Alpine Baguette, Sourdough Challah, Harvest Loaf

White Breads

Each delivery contains bread selected by the baker from the following:

Norwich Sourdough, Country Blonde, Sourdough Challah, Semolina Sandwich Loaf, Viennese Loaf

Pick & Choose

Alpine Baguette ($6.00 )

Delicious blend of soaked seeds, kernels, and oatmeal make this bread a perfect addition to any meal. Great for snacking and toast

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Bacon Loaf ($6.00 )

True sourdough with no added yeast, loaded with bacon bits, green olives, and thyme

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Bagels ($6.00 )

Sourdough twist on traditional NY style bagels with variety of toppings or plain. Crusty and chewy. We boil them before we bake them!

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Blueberry Oatmeal ($6.00 )

Made with honey and 25% whole wheat, this gorgeous breakfast loaf is studded with blueberries. Perfect breakfast loaf, great for toasting

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Challah (from $6.00 )

A sourdough twist on a traditional Sabbath bread, enriched with eggs and oil. Fragrant, soft, with delicate crust, great looker.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Chocolate Cherry Levain ($6.00 )

Chocolate sourdough packed with chocolate chips and sour cherries - a match made in heaven.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Ciabatta ($6.00 )

Stretchy, crusty, with lots of holes, this traditional rustic loaf is perfect for dipping, snacking, or making a crusty sandwich

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl ($6.00 )

Decadently soft and fragrant loaf of cinnamon raisin with a sugary swirl in the middle. Soft crust with a light sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on top, and just a hint of lemon zest.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Country Blonde ($6.00 )

White bread at its finest, with just a touch of whole wheat for flavor and rustic note

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Country Brown ($6.00 )

Hearty whole grain loaf with no added yeast

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Croissants ($18.00 )

Classic buttery flaky croissants, fresh out of the oven. Available in increments of 6. If choosing a Mixed Bag, specify which croissants you want in the "Delivery Instructions". Please use increments of 2 of any variety.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Dreikornbrot (3 Seed Rye) ($6.00 )

A German classic, this three seed rye bread is excellent for cured meat sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and toast.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Finnish Rye ($6.00 )

Packed with flavor and nutrition, this fragrant loaf features whole wheat and rye, and soaked flax seeds and wheat berries. Substantial, rich, and lightly sweet

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Focaccia ($6.00 )

Traditional Italian treat, soaked in olive oil

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Mini Babka ($6.00 )

Enjoy a small version of our delicious babka cake. Same great flavor, smaller size

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Mini Loaf Sampler ($15.00 )

Enjoy a quartet of fragrant mini loaves, beautiful and delicious.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Multigrain ($6.00 )

Robust true sourdough (no added yeast) with toasted seeds and oats

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Norwich ($6.00 )

Versatile no-yeast-added white loaf with a small addition of rye for softness. Freezes well. Perfect for sandwich or toast

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Pain au Levain ($6.00 )

Classic French sourdough with all typical characteristics of a good artisan bread - crunchy crust and chewy crust. No added yeast.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Russian Rye ($6.00 )

100% Organic whole rye flour and long fermentation. This traditional Russian loaf is different from any others. Dense, thin crusted, and fragrant, it's perfect for deli meats and cheeses.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Semolina ($6.00 )

Soft crusted, hearty golden colored loaf with lightly nutty flavor. Made with semolina durum flour, pure olive oil, and a touch of sugar.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Simit - Turkish Bagel ($10.00 )

Enjoy a freshly baked Simit - traditional Turkish street food. A soft bagel dipped in dark syrup and roasted sesame seeds before baking.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Sugar Buns ($12.00 )

Sugar or Cinnamon sprinkled brioche buns will make an excellent treat or breakfast with a glass of cold milk

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Specialty & Others

Cutting Carbs Bumper Magnet ($6.00 )

Tell others where you stand on the "low carb" issue by displaying this hilarious magnet on your bumper

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen

Organic Cotton Tote ($5.00 )

A pure organic cotton tote bag to store your beautiful artisan loaves. Fits up to three loaves, depending on their size.

From: Wild Yeast Kitchen