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Soft crusted, hearty golden colored loaf with lightly nutty flavor.

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Most of our loaves are sourdoughs. We are passionate about our sourdoughs, we love wild yeast and slow fermentation. That's why we are VERY picky when we decide to include a non-sourdough in our regular menu.

Semolina loaf is made with Durum semolina flour, which is normally reserved for pasta making. Durum lends a lightly nutty flavor to the bread, which, combined with generous amount of olive oil and a touch of sugar, makes this bread truly worthy of your attention.

Semolina is beautiful both outside and inside. Addition of the oil makes this loaf lightly resistible to staling. Try it in sandwiches, French toast, bread pudding, and more.

Ingredients: untreated Durum wheat semolina flour, water, olive oil, sugar, salt, yeast

Allergens: wheat


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