Mini Loaf Sampler

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Enjoy a quartet of fragrant mini loaves, beautiful and delicious.

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Not sure which loaf to pick? No problem! Our beautiful and delicious mini loaf sampler is a great representation of both sourdough and non-sourdough bread varieties we make regularly. All loaves slice like sandwich bread, look gorgeous on a party platter and keep well. Included in the sampler:

CHALLAH -- soft crusted East European egg bread made with olive oil and sourdough

DREIKORNBROT -- traditional German bread with sunflower, sesame, and flax seed

FINNISH LOAF -- Scandinavian type bread made with 50% whole wheat, 25% whole rye, dark molasses, soaked flax and cracked wheat. Perfect for cured meats

SEMOLINA -- Italian bread from Sicily, soft crusted and versatile, made from golden durum wheat and olive oil