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Luscious and delicious babka cake. Small size, big flavor!

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Who can resist a Babka? Seinfeld had an entire episode dedicated to it. Many have heard and some tried a chocolate babka, but we have more choices. Try them all, it's easier to do with a mini Babka!

We start with a delicate brioche dough, made with lots of eggs and butter. The dough rests in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours to develop flavor and texture. Then we pack it with our made-from-scratch fillings, roll it, cut it, and twist it. After a bake, we brush the babka with syrup to give it a nice glossy look and to preserve the moisture inside.

Babka comes in a pretty 6" x 2.5" baking mold, packed into a cellophane bag with a twist tie and a beautiful sticker.

Dough Ingredients: unbleached enriched wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, water, salt, yeast

Allergens: wheat, folic acid, eggs, dairy, [tree nuts], [chocolate]