Finnish Rye

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Packed with flavor and nutrition, this fragrant loaf features whole wheat and rye, and soaked flax seeds and wheat berries. Substantial, rich, and lightly sweet

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Tall, dark and handsome is what we call this beautiful loaf inspired by Scandinavian bread making tradition. It contains a substantial amount of whole wheat (50%) and whole rye (25%). Moist crumb is achieved by the addition of soaked flax seeds, and soaked cracked wheat adds interesting texture. The bread is lightly sweetened and darkened with blackstrap molasses and leavened with wild yeast. A tiny amount of commercial yeast is added to offset the action of whole grain and molasses.

This bread is fantastic with cured meats and cheeses.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, wild yeast leaven [unbleached enriched wheat flour, water], unbleached enriched wheat flour, organic whole rye flour, cracked wheat berries, flax seeds, blackstrap molasses, salt, yeast

Allergens: wheat, folic acid, seeds