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Stretchy, crusty, with lots of holes, this traditional rustic loaf is perfect for dipping, snacking, or making a crusty sandwich

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Ciabatta is baked for the sake of its crust. It's one of the breads with the highest crust to crumb ratio. When slicing ciabatta, cut it lengthwise, not across, and load all your sandwich fixings between the crusts. Our ciabatta is made with polish - a super low yeast leaven that bubbles for at least 12 hours. It lends the bread a mildly lactic flavor (kind of like yogurt). Crusts are chewy but thin. Dip ciabatta in olive oil, or use it to sop up delicious sauce or gravy - it's good with almost everything!

Ciabatta is not shaped. Dough is stretched evenly and cut into squares or rectangles. The final product looks irregular, with blisters, dark spots, cracks, and large holes in the crumb. All of these irregularities are normal and make ciabatta what it is - a fantastic rustic loaf.

Ingredients: unbleached enriched wheat flour, water, olive oil, salt, yeast

Allergens: wheat, folic acid


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